Sandrine Gallois

Sandrine Gallois holds a PhD in Environmental Sciences and Technologies (ICTA UAB) and in Eco-Anthropology (MNHN, France). Her research focuses on the dynamics of cultures in a context of global changes. She has been living with hunter-gatherer groups from the Congo Basin. She uses an interdisciplinary approach, combining concepts and methods related to ethnoecology, cultural anthropology, anthropology of childhood, ecology and botany. Her main research interests are local ecological knowledge, childhood, learning, knowledge transmission, ethnobotany, and biocultural diversity.

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Climate change and Indigenous People and local communities (Coursera)

Climate change is a global phenomenon, but its impacts vary among different social groups, who perceive and adapt to climate change impacts in different ways. In this course, you will: a) understand the different debates around climate change impacts on Indigenous Peoples and local communities (IPLC); b) familiarize yourself [...]
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