Saleem H. Ali

Saleem H. Ali is an environmental planner whose research and practice focuses on ways of resolving ecological conflicts through technical and social mechanisms, as well as exploring novel ways of peace-building between corporations, governments and communities. He holds the Blue and Gold Distinguished Professorship in Energy and the Environment at the University of Delaware, USA (commencing September 2016). He has also held the Chair in Sustainable Resources Development at the University of Queensland’s Sustainable Minerals Institute in Brisbane, Australia (where he retains professorial affiliation).

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The Science and Practice of Sustainable Development (edX)

Learn the critical foundations of sustainable development and how to achieve the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals that are deeply interconnected in the field. This course introduces the origin and key concepts of sustainability and how to apply those to sustainable development practice. Sustainable development will be explored through theories [...]
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The Future of Mining? (edX)

Building scenarios to explore the possible futures for the mining sector in 2040. What will the mining and minerals sector look like in 2040? This course aims to explore the risks, challenges and opportunities facing the mining industry over the next few decades.
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