S. Brent Plate




S. Brent Plate, associate professor of religious studies.

Professor Plate's teachings and writings explore relations between sensual life and spiritual life. He teaches at Hamilton College and has authored/edited eleven books, as well as being a frequent contributor to the Huffington Post, Religion Dispatches, Killing the Buddha, OnFaith, and other sites. He is co-founder and managing editor of Material Religion: The Journal of Objects, Art, and Belief, co-founder and president of SCRIPT (Society for Comparative Research in Iconic and Performative Texts), president of CrossCurrents/ The Association of Religion and Intellectual Life, and is a board member of the Interfaith Coalition of Greater Utica, NY. His most recent book is A History of Religion in 5 1⁄2 Objects: Bringing the Spiritual to its Senses.

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Mar 1st 2015

Religions are deeply, stubbornly physical and sensual. This course aims to re-imagine our understanding of religion by grounding traditions in physical encounters between human bodies and sensual objects.

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