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Ryan Tacatais a performance maker and PhD Candidate in the department of Theater and Performance Studies at Stanford University. He holds a BFA (2007) in Performance from The School of the Art Institute of Chicago and studied briefly at the Experimental Performance Institute at New College of California with an emphasis in Queer activism. His recent performance work includes: Anal Foreclosure (Mama Calizo's Voice Factory, SF) and Home in Five Parts (Performance Art Institute, SF). His proposed dissertation, Life-Support: Performance and the Production of Alternatives, examines the relationship between live-art, relations of support, and the production of 1970's alternative art spaces in the Bay Area. His larger research interests include: Performance and conceptual art, the aesthetic of the pathetic, support structures, automobiles in the avant-garde, the alternative art space movement, architecture and performance, critical spatial history and practice, art and counterculture, and theories of everyday life. His current performance project, Between the Night Builds, explores photos of workers sleeping, taken by the FSA photography program (1935-1944), through movement, hand tools, day dreams, and Patti Smith’s The Woolgatherers.

More info: http://www.ryantacata.com/

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