Robert Zwijnenberg

Robert Zwijnenberg is professor Art and Science Interactions at Leiden University. Trained in civil engineering and philosophy, he received a PhD in philosophy from the University of Amsterdam. His research and teaching focus are on the role of contemporary art in the academic and public debates on the ethical, societal, political, legal and cultural implications of biotechnological innovations. Over the past eight years, Zwijnenberg organized and taught the Leiden Honours Class “Who Owns Life?” , addressing ethical, legal and economic implications of biotechnological innovations. As the course emphasizes the artistic perspective as a valuable entry to the issues at stake, participants are exposed to contemporary artist practice and production during hands-on, lab-based workshops led by bio-artists.

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Mind of the Universe - Genetic Privacy: should we be concerned? (Coursera)

Jan 17th 2022
Mind of the Universe - Genetic Privacy: should we be concerned? (Coursera)
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Should all our genetic information be made public in order to eradicate genetic diseases from this world? Who owns your genetic data once it becomes publicly accessible? What is your responsibility to family members when you know more about genetic diseases than they do? Who decides what kind of genetic [...]
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