Rasool Zandvakil

Mr. Rasool Zandvakil is an economist in the IMF Institute for Capacity Development. He joined the Economist Program at the IMF in 2015. Prior to joining the ICD, he worked as an economist at the Monetary Capital Markets department and African department. Rasool received his PhD from the joint economics and finance program at the University of Chicago, focusing specifically on the linkages between the macroeconomy and the financial sector. Rasool has extensive experience as a teaching assistant for a variety of MBA, Executive MBA and PhD courses.

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Financial Development and Financial Inclusion (edX)

Learn how to develop an efficient, inclusive and stable financial sector that is essential for a thriving economy. This course was developed by the IMF in collaboration with the European Investment Bank. Higher rates of financial inclusion and financial market development mean more prosperous societies. But how to make [...]