R Narayanaswamy




R. Narayanaswamy is a Professor of Finance and Control at the Indian Institute of Management Bangalore. He has been teaching at the Indian Institute of Management Bangalore since 1986 and has written extensively on accounting, auditing and governance. His teaching method utilizes real-world cases and business situations to make accounting student-friendly.

Professor Narayanaswamy has authored Financial Accounting: A Managerial Perspective (PHI Learning, Fifth edition, 2014). He has published in refereed journals. He consults with companies and governments. Business Today named him among the Best Nine Business School professors in India in 2006. Currently he is an Independent Director and Chairman, Audit Committee of Bank of Baroda.

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Apr 12th 2016

Learn about the role accounting plays in an organization and how to prepare and analyze financial statements. Everyone does accounting of some kind, such as browsing bank statements, preparing a budget for building a house, or counting the cost of a birthday party. Individuals who want to be accountants, managers or entrepreneurs should be able work with financial reports.

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