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Originally from Belgium and now living and working in France, Pieter held positions as a youth worker for seven years before shifting to training in the field of youth work. He actively provides training for both the EU youth programmes and the CoE youth department mostly on the topics of human rights education, participation, intercultural learning, and youth mobility. Since 2007, he has been experimenting and using e-learning as a complementary tool for non-formal learning and training activities. He is employed by the association E Ki Libro, which is focused on the quality of education at both the local and European level, in cooperation with the University of Rennes 1, the European institutions, and several organisations mostly in France and Belgium.

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Oct 31st 2016

This Massive Open Online Course on “Erasmus+ Funding Opportunities for Youth” will equip you with the basic knowledge and understanding of how to use various funding opportunities and fulfill the funding requirements for international youth exchanges, European voluntary service, mobility of youth workers, and structured dialogue projects funded through Erasmus+ Youth in Action Programme.

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