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Philip Mead is Winthrop Professor, inaugural Chair of Australian Literature, and Director, Westerly Centre. Philip’s research in Australian literature is at the intersections of literary studies, cultural geography, history, literary education and digital humanities. He has led nationally competitive research and teaching grants, most recently the ALTC funded project, ‘Australian Literature Teaching Survey’ (2009), the ARC Discovery Project grant for 2010-2012, ‘Monumental Shakespeares: an investigation of transcultural commemoration in 20th-century Australia and England' (with Gordon McMullan, King's College London), and the OLT funded Extension project ‘Update and Expansion of the AustLit Resource Teaching with AustLit site’ (2013-2014). He is on the board of management of the ARC LIEF funded AustLIt consortium.

In 2009-2010 Philip was Ludwig Hirschfeld-Mack Visiting Chair of Interdisciplinary Australian Studies at the Free University, Berlin. In 2009 his book Networked Language: History & Culture in Australian Poetry was shortlisted for the Association for Australian Literature’s Walter McRae Russell Award, and in 2010 it won the New South Wales Premier’s Prize for Literary Scholarship.

Through the Westerly Centre Philip supports Westerly magazine and contributes to the Digital Humanities Hub, a collaboration with the Institute of Advanced Studies, UWA e-Research, iVEC and Digital Antipodes-Digital Humanities Reading [email protected], and convenes the UWA Digital Humanities Research Seminar series.

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Mar 2nd 2015

This course is a short introduction to the rich and distinctive world of Australian literature, a world of ancient and modern forms of writing about a vast and varied continent. Explore the work of writers who have responded imaginatively to the unique landscapes of Australia and to its remarkable human history.

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