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Prof Dr Peer Ederer is a scientific entrepreneur and an entrepreneurial scientist. As scientist, he researches, publishes and teaches on the link between human capital formation, economic growth and innovation. As entrepreneur in his company Africa Enablers, his commercial focus is on creating sustainable and cost effective energy solutions for countries across the African continent.

In science, Prof Ederer has demonstrated the link between human capital, economic growth and innovation with business case studies and empirical analyses for countries and regions on all continents. At Zeppelin University he is director of the HUGIN Center, and has conducted research projects and executive teaching assignments on innovation and growth since 2004. Since 2012 he is project director of the EU-funded LLLight’in’Europe research project, leading a consortium of eight globally leading research universities on Lifelong Learning, Innovation, Growth and Human Capital Tracks.

Prof Ederer studied business administration at Sophia University in Tokyo and at Harvard Business School in Boston. He completed his PhD at the University of Witten Herdecke in Germany.

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