Patty Keegan




Patty has 25 years of experience in the media and marketing industry, and has worked in digital since 1994, in the U.S., Australia and New Zealand.

Her roles have included media planner/strategist; ad operations director at one of the first commercial web properties; and digital director working with blue-chip clients at a global media agency. She was the founding General Manager of the Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB) in Australia, and named one of the 40 Biggest Players of Australia’s Digital Age.

Patty is founder and Managing Director of Digital Chameleon.

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Sep 11th 2017

Learn more about the evolving, dynamic, and fastest growing segment of the advertising industry. Explore the evolution of online advertising from the beginnings of the Web, and how it has developed into a major sector of the multi-billion dollar advertising industry. We’ll cover the key players, as well as the multitude of different creative formats and executions and how those ads are delivered and tracked.
Find out about the major digital platforms, including search, social, and mobile, in terms of each marketplace, the key players, and marketing opportunities.

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