Paolo Germano




Paolo Germano, engineer EPF microtechnology, is senior research associate at the EPFL integrated and lecturer actuators laboratory. He teaches at Bachelor level and followed fifty projects and other projects of Master students. As project manager, its activities mainly deal with the development of benches measurement and analysis for stepper motors, DC and linear actuators. In the theme of energy transfer by induction, he participated in the development of biomedical projects related to industrial and electric vehicles. He continued supervision of doctoral theses in this field.

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Découvrez les systèmes alternatifs triphasés et leurs charges associées ainsi que les régimes transitoires, base des alimentations à découpage.

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Feb 26th 2016

Découvrez les circuits électriques linéaires. Apprenez à les maîtriser et à les résoudre, dans un premier temps en régime continu puis en régime alternatif.

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