Nancy Preston




I am a Senior Lecturer in Palliative Care at the International Observatory on End of Life Care, Lancaster University. I am a former palliative care nurse and teach on the PhD in Palliative Care.

I have two main areas of research. The first areas relates to symptom control in the last year of life. I have a particular interest in the management of malignant ascites (the build up of large volumes of fluid in the abdomen) and how best to support patients. I am also interested in patients’ views of symptom management. The second area of interest is about improving how research is conducted in with palliative care patients. This involves research around recruitment and gate keeping.

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Oct 17th 2016

Learn how palliative care is managed in Europe and find out about best practice in delivering integrated palliative care. The modern day palliative care movement aims to help people live well in their last year of life and ultimately realise a good death. However, every day more than 150 thousand people die across the world and of those only a small minority receive palliative care services. Do you have a personal or professional interest in palliative care? If so this course is for you.

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