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Nadine Bret-Rouzaut is the Director of the Center for Economics and Management and Professor on economics and management in oil and gas exploration and production. She holds an engineering degree from IFP School, a Master's degree in Theoretical Geophysics from the Institut de Physique du Globe de Paris and an MBA from the Université Paris 1 Panthéon Sorbonne.

She began her career in the Ministry of Industry, in the Oil and Gas division where she undertook a variety of assignments: economic, financial and strategic analysis, finance management for technological assistance procedure, creation of a technology and strategy scouting group for the oil services sector, fiscal audits for oil and gas production.

In 1992, she joined IFP School and lectured on economics and management in oil and gas exploration and production (strategy of the players, profitability studies, cost estimation). She then became a Professor and Head of the international Master's program in Petroleum Economics and Management. At the same time, she created and developed training programs in communication, leadership and management skills.

At present, under her responsibility in the Center for Economics and Management, the team of professors, assistant professors and researchers run 6 international Masters programs, some of which are in partnership with American, Asian, Russian and European universities, for 170 students and professionals.

She is coordinator and co-author of the book "Oil and Gas Exploration and Production – Reserves, costs, contracts" published by Éditions Technip.

Her centers of interest are the energy transition, systemic and complex approaches and, in general, all the tools that develop collective intelligence.

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The subject will be addressed from many different perspectives such as the economic context and regulations, fuel specifications and production in the refining industry, engines and post-treatment systems design, vehicles hybridization, biofuels, mobility of tomorrow. The evaluation will include a “serious game” designed as a video game: you will optimize the fuel production in a refinery and also the engine settings to reduce fuel consumption and pollutant emissions.

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