Melissa Wood

Melissa Wood is a customer experience, research and strategy expert, who has worked with Culver Company to help them better understand end-user needs as well as helping their clients develop strategies to ensure continuous improvement. She’s been on both the consulting side, supporting major brands (Apple, AT&T, Cricket and major electric and natural gas utilities in the U.S.) and the utility side, leading strategic marketing and advertising during her time at Xcel Energy. She developed and managed the Customer Market Research group at R.L. Polk & Company and she is on the faculty of University of Colorado Business School’s Global Energy Management graduate program, having been awarded the Outstanding Professor Award (2012 and 2016).

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Electric Utilities Fundamentals and Future (Coursera)

The approach of this course is truly unique in how it approaches and engages learners. It looks at the electric utility industry, which has remained critical to our quality of life, health and comfort from the eyes of numerous industry experts through on-location interviews, compelling visuals, and animation. You [...]
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