Mauricio Pineda Rivera

Mauricio Pineda Rivera holds a Civil Engineer and a Master in Traffic and Transportation, with 35 years of professional experience, mostly dedicated to road safety, traffic and transportation. He has worked in the execution of several National and Regional Road Safety Plans in Colombia and in the construction of Technical Manuals and Guides for road signaling, road safety audits and inspections, vehicle containment systems, lateral zone management, traffic calming, regulation of speed on urban roads and rural roads, among others. His professional work is mainly conducting audits and inspections of road safety, the design and implementation of road safety management systems and advice to companies and entities.

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Road safety in the Caribbean region: safe infrastructure (edX)

Learn and explore the good practices and methodologies for a safer road design for all users. You know that 18% of road crashes could be related to the quality of road infrastructure? Studies pointed that unlocking the potential of USD $1.4 trillion in targeted investment in safer roads would [...]
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