Mary Hudachek-Buswell

Mary Hudachek-Buswell is a Lecturer in Georgia Tech's College of Computing. Her current research interests are in-person, online, and large scale computing education courses, and changing approaches to computer science instruction. With changes in technology, her focus is on how to bring visual aids in to play with learning in order to connect the computing topics with students. Dr. HB’s work examines both synchronous, asynchronous, and real-time instruction to facilitate learning in the different student communities in large courses. She has taught a wide variety of courses: CS3311/3312 Junior Design Project Sequence, CS2316 Data Input and Manipulation, CS1332 Data Structures & Algorithms, and CS1371 Computing for Engineers. Dr. HB has won several awards for her teaching, most recently Georgia Tech’s Undergraduate Educator Award – 2020, Georgia Tech’s Education Partnership Award – 2019, and the College of Computing’s William D. "Bill" Leahy Jr. Outstanding Instructor Award – 2019.

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Data Structures & Algorithms IV: Pattern Matching, Dijkstra’s, MST, and Dynamic Programming Algorithms (edX)

Delve into Pattern Matching algorithms from KMP to Rabin-Karp. Tackle essential algorithms that traverse the graph data structure like Dijkstra’s Shortest Path. Study algorithms that construct a Minimum Spanning Tree (MST) from a graph. Explore Dynamic Programming algorithms. Use the course visualization tool to understand the algorithms and their [...]

Data Structures & Algorithms III: AVL and 2-4 Trees, Divide and Conquer Algorithms (edX)

Learn more complex tree data structures, AVL and (2-4) trees. Investigate the balancing techniques found in both tree types. Implement these techniques in AVL operations. Explore sorting algorithms with simple iterative sorts, followed by Divide and Conquer algorithms. Use the course visualizations to understand the [...]

Data Structures & Algorithms II: Binary Trees, Heaps, SkipLists and HashMaps (edX)

Become familiar with nonlinear and hierarchical data structures. Study various tree structures: Binary Trees, BSTs and Heaps. Understand tree operations and algorithms. Learn and implement HashMaps that utilize key-value pairs to store data. Explore probabilistic data structures like SkipLists. Course tools help visualize the structures and [...]

Data Structures & Algorithms I: ArrayLists, LinkedLists, Stacks and Queues (edX)

Work with the principles of data storage in Arrays, ArrayLists & LinkedList nodes. Understand their operations and performance with visualizations. Implement low-level linear, linked data structures with recursive methods, and explore their edge cases. Extend these structures to the Abstract Data Types, Stacks, Queues and [...]