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Marian Goodman is a facilitator, consultant and coach to directors, boards and management teams from corporate and government as well as non-governmental organisations in Southern Africa and internationally. Her interest has always been people development – building authentic leadership and healthy organisations, and working with executive and management teams in deepening diversity and reflective practice.

In addition to being the Africa-based core-team member of the Presencing Institute, Marian is associate faculty for Leaders Quest (UK) facilitating multinational, multisectoral programs to engender responsible leadership for emerging market investment. She designs and facilitates various programs on Diversity; the Art of Communication; Self-Mastery in Leadership; and Team Development for a range of companies and organisations, and teaches on the executive leadership programs of the Graduate Schools of Business at the Universities of Cape Town and Stellenbosch in South Africa. Her work as a coach and practitioner seeks to foster independent solution-oriented thinking in individuals and teams, using the Thinking Environment™ (Nancy Kline, UK).

Marian is also an active Social Entrepreneur in the non-profit environment in South Africa. As Founding Director of the Stanford Valley Institute, a non-profit social action movement ‘connecting people who are keen to co-create a healthy and sustainable future for all’, she leads the Institute’s initiative on education and sustainable livelihoods, as well as its annual ideas festival called Freewheeling: Future-Thinking.

In 1994 Marian co-founded Educo Africa, an outdoor-oriented leadership development organisation working in Health (HIV/AIDS), Education, and Child & Youth Development. She served as its Executive Director for 13 years and now Chairs its Board, as well as serving as Advisor to the Educo International Alliance.

Marian has a post-graduate degree from the University of Cape Town, speaks a number of languages and has lived and worked in many countries, but definitely loves being part of the richly diverse vibrancy that is South Africa. She lives in Cape Town.

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