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Luc de Brabandere is a fellow and a senior advisor in the PAris office of The Boston Consulting Group. He leads strategic seminars with boards, senior executives, and managers from a wide range of companies looking to develop naw visions, new products and services, and long-term scenarios to prepare the future.

He is the author or co-author of 12 books.

He also teaches at the Louvain school of management and at the Ecole Centrale in Paris.

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Aug 7th 2017

In the expression “creative thinking”, the keyword is not creativity; the keyword is thinking. With the help of great philosophers, you will rediscover the art of thinking.

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Feb 16th 2015

This entire MOOC is based on one of my strongest beliefs: philosophy is the best tool to help managers in areas where no numbers are available. After all a strategic vision is an "idea", it is translated into a "concept", a business model is a … "model" etc. And we need to better understand what is an idea, what is a concept, what is a model etc. In other words we need to better understand how do we think.

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