Leo Di Carlo

Leo DiCarlo is Associate Professor and roadmap leader of the fault-tolerant computing roadmap at QuTech, Delft University of Technology. Leo develops superconducting quantum circuits with the goal of realizing a large-scale quantum computer. One of his ambitions is to realize full fault-tolerant quantum computing using the surface code, spanning from superconducting quantum hardware, through control electronics, to the complete software stack. This is a great challenge blurring the line between traditional condensed-matter physics and electrical engineering. Leo holds a double major in physics and electrical engineering from Stanford University (1999), a Master’s in electrical engineering also from Stanford (2000), and a PhD in mesoscopic physics from Harvard University (2008). Leo’s focus evolved from semi to superconducting electronic systems during his post-doc in applied physics at Yale University (2008-2010). Highlights from this period include the first solid-state quantum processors executing quantum algorithms, generating three-qubit entanglement and performing basic quantum error correction.

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The Hardware of a Quantum Computer (edX)

Learn how a quantum computer could be physically build, and how it could be controlled. There is no doubt that the quantum computer and the quantum internet have many profound applications, they may change the way we think about information, and they could completely change our daily life.
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