Laurent Alleman

Laurent is an Assistant Professor at the Department of Atmospheric Sciences and Environmental Engineering at IMT Lille Douai. He has a PhD from the University of Marseille III obtained in 1997. He is part of the SAGE department since 2004 after a 40-month postdoc at the University of Delaware, DE (USA) and a 40-month postdoc at the Royal Museum for Central Africa (Belgium). He is the current scientific coordinator of the “Characterization, sources and impact of pollutants” group. His main research activities are focused on the trace elemental composition of aerosols and their related health impact.

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Air pollution: causes and impacts (edX)

This MOOC focuses on issues related to air quality. Learn the basics of air pollution and its environmental, health, social and economical effects to better understand and address this problem. Air pollution is a major and global concern, arising for the most part from human activities. Air pollutants can [...]
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