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Dr. Lawrence Welkowitz has been a leading practicing clinical psychologist, professor, director of clinical psychology programs and author for nearly three decades.

He was previously founding Clinical Director of the Behavioral Medicine Program at Columbia University’s Medical School in New York.

Dr. Welkowitz completed his clinical training at New York University Medical Center / Bellevue Hospital where he developed behavioral treatment programs for obsessive-compulsive disorder and related problems. As Research Scientist, Dr. Welkowitz collaborated with renowned psychiatrists Jack Gorman, MD and Michael Liebowitz, MD in their world famous Anxiety Disorders Clinic, part of New York State Psychiatric Institute, Columbia University. He is currently Professor of Psychology at Keene State College in New Hampshire, where he founded the Asperger’s Resource Group and co-directs the Neurobehavioral Lab. He is a recipient of the College’s Distinguished Award in Research and Scholarship.

He has published two leading texts in his areas of specialty (social anxiety and autism), and numerous academic papers. In his private practice, since 1985, Dr. Welkowitz has treated patients from all walks of life, income levels and with a wide range of life challenges.

Dr. Welkowitz has long been a champion of electronic communications tools. His health blog, and Asperger’s website, established in 2001 has over 100,000 visitors, and was cited as one of the top blogs in health care in America.

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