Kimberly Rasmusson-Anderson




Kimberly is a Senior Content Developer with the Microsoft Learning eXperiences team.

She is responsible for building IT Professional courses. She is also the project manager for a new Microsoft Virtual Academy Enterprise Security channel.

Prior to this, Kimberly was a technical lead in the Microsoft Customer Service and Support organization.

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Jun 21st 2016

Learn how to successfully migrate an enterprise environment to Windows 10 using the Microsoft deployment toolkit. This computer science course will help IT professionals with one of their biggest challenges, moving away from an earlier version of the Windows operating system (OS) to Windows 10.

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Mar 22nd 2016

Learn how to plan and design the implementation and support of a mobile workforce across an enterprise. The proliferation of consumer devices and ubiquitous information access is driving the enterprise away from a device-centric model centered on corporate-owned and provisioned devices to a bring-your-own-device (BYOD) model in which employees use their own devices to access corporate applications and data. Workers expect consistent access to corporate tools and data regardless of the type of device they’re using. They also want their corporate-issued technology and resources to look and behave like their personal technology—always on and always available from any device, from virtually anywhere.

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