Kevin Hoffman

Kevin Hoffman has been building software since he was 10 years old, when his grandfather repaired an old Commodore VIC-20 and gave it to him with nothing but a BASIC programming manual and a tape drive. Since then, he has been fascinated with all kinds of computing problems ranging from building virtual worlds to biometrics to drone flight planning and his current obsession—the intersection of distributed systems, cloud native development, and WebAssembly.
He is the author of “Programming WebAssembly with Rust”, “Cloud Native Go”, and over a dozen books on various aspects of the .NET Framework. He has presented at a number of conferences and events over the past 2 years on WebAssembly, and at dozens of previous conferences on everything from .NET to Spring Boot to Redis and even at Apple’s WWDC.

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WebAssembly Actors: From Cloud to Edge (edX)

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WebAssembly Actors: From Cloud to Edge (edX)
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Embrace the actor model to build portable, secure, lightweight WebAssembly modules that thrive in the cloud, at the edge, and anywhere in between. This course is designed for developers who have built or are building microservices and have experienced a high degree of friction in cloud native application development. [...]