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Kelvy Bird has been working in the field of human development within organizational contexts since 1995, with a focus on collaboration, innovation, leadership, and collective intelligence. Her joy is in harnessing group creativity for projects that cultivate learning and connectivity. She has supported the Presencing Institute to develop the Global Forum, Global Classrooms, and online community spaces, and now serves as Creative Developer for ongoing PI initiatives.

Kelvy also works extensively as a founder and graphic facilitator with dpict llc, a visualization firm specializing in scribing to advance social understanding. She supports groups with live translation of content and dynamics into visual, tangible formats to aid with decision-making and reflection. Long-standing partners have included: The Value Web, MIT Exec Education, Harvard Grad School of Education, The Ashland Institute, Dialogos, and MG Taylor, among others that include Fortune 500 and local community organizations alike.

An artist at core, Kelvy addresses threads of personal inquiry that include the blossoming of human presence, the state of the heart, and the nature of cohesion. Through entirely abstract, subjective mark-making, she wraps her spirit around the complexities of our times and finds tap roots of sense.

Kelvy received her BFA in painting and BA in Art History from Cornell University. Her current residence is Massachusetts, USA. Email: contact(at)

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