Keith Stone

Keith Stone is the Head Teaching Fellow of the Harvard College course Culture and Belief 22: The Ancient Greek Hero and Fellow in Pedagogical Development and Comparative Study of Ancient Texts (Greek Septuagint and Hebrew Bible) at Harvard's Center for Hellenic Studies. He earned his PhD from Harvard University in 2013 with a dissertation titled "Singing Moses's Song: A Performance-Critical Analysis of Deuteronomy's Song of Moses." Within ancient Israelite literature, religion, and history, his research focuses on the dynamics of performing in traditional settings, particularly within traditions linked to founders. Among his secondary interests are Northwest Semitic languages and inscriptions, land ideology, the psychology of abuse and trauma in biblical texts, and ancient Greek myth and hero cult. Professionally, his experience and goals include undergraduate education (e.g., student life, advising), educational technology development, instructional design, and language instruction at all levels.

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The Ancient Greek Hero (edX)

Discover the literature and heroes of ancient Greece through the Homeric Iliad and Odyssey, the tragedies of Sophocles, the dialogues of Plato, and more. Explore what it means to be human today by studying what it meant to be a hero in ancient Greek times.
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