Kate Guthrie Caruso

Kate Guthrie Caruso is an instructor of Writing Composition, Creative Writing, & Literature at multiple colleges in Denver, CO. She is also the co-creator/content designer of rgMOOC “Writing and Composition: The Persuasive Power of Video Games as Paratexts” as the Gamification Designer, Writing Composition and Rhetoric Instructor, and Web 2.0 Tutorial creator/lecturer. She has been teaching college for five years, and has been involved in multiple non-traditional and experimental writing programs in both Los Angeles and Denver. Her research focuses on Web 2.0 tools, narrative theory, pedagogy, gamification, and writing composition. She holds an MFA in Writing from California Institute of the Arts with a focus in experimental fiction & her work has appeared in journals and anthologies such as Virtual Education Journal, Fence, & Chronometry. Her educational machinima trailer for rgMOOC won a judges award at the 2013 ISTE conference for best special effects. Kate is the co-chair for Faculty Council at the Community College of Denver (CCD) and was named CCD’s Adjunct Faculty of the Year in 2013. She has presented at multiple conferences focused on technology and education including Metropolitan State’s Symposium for Teaching and Learning with Technology and the e-Learning consortium of Colorado’s 2013 conference.

More info: http://katecaruso.jobrary.com/

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rgMOOC 2 - Rhetoric and Composition: The Persuasive Power of Video Games as Paratexts (ACC)

rgMOOC 2, or "Rhetoric and Composition: The Persuasive Power of Video Games as Paratexts," is a type of gMOOC that applies the principles of connectivism and game-based learning to rhetoric and composition studies. Participants will be playing and writing about video games from various game genres for 10 weeks, [...]
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