Julia Begbie




Julia Begbie is a director of KLC School of Design.

Julia has taught interior design for the last 10 years most recently specialising in online learning. In her interior design career she has managed a diverse range of projects both in the UK and overseas, the majority of which have been high-end residential but also including commercial projects, property development as well as show house design and styling.

Julia is taking part in the morning masterclass 'Detox Your Home and Reveal its Full Potential' hosted by Homes & Property in association with KLC School of Design

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Feb 6th 2017

Learn about the impact of colour in the world: from colour theory and colour in art and design, to the colours of 2016. We live in a vibrant and colourful world, but few of us truly appreciate the sheer power of the hues around us. This course will lift the lid on the world of colour: exploring the science behind the shades, the theories beyond the tints and the cultural impact of colour.

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