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Jon Cox is an assistant professor in the Department of Art at the University of Delaware and board member of the Dorobo Fund. Cox has led twenty photographic study abroad programs across the globe to destinations including Antarctica, Southeast Asia, Tanzania, Australia, and several countries in South America. He was a pioneer in the field of digital photography and served as the adventure photographer/writer for Digital Camera Magazine in the late 1990s.

He also authored two Amphoto digital photography books in 2003 and 2005. Cox’s latest published work was a six-year book project with hunter-gatherers in Tanzania titled “Hadzabe, By the Light of a Million Fires.” His most recent project is a cultural mapping initiative with Ese’Eja hunter-gatherers living in the Amazon basin of Peru.

Cox believes that photography has the power to create social change at the local and global level. He also believes that technological advances in camera phones over the last several years have put creativity back in the hands of the individual allowing countless new opportunities to successfully communicate through imagery.

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Sep 8th 2014

Most of us now capture images using our cellphones. Cellphone technology has reached a point where the creativity has been put back in the hands of the photographer and is no longer a simple point-and-shoot process. In this course students will learn the fundamentals of composition, lighting, black and white, color, and more.

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