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Dr. Joanne Christopherson is currently a lecturer in the School of Social Sciences and associate director of the Demographic and Social Analysis M.A. program at the University of California, Irvine. She’s also a big fan of psychological thrillers with multi-dimensional characters and situations. “It is an amazing experience to be involved in this MOOC. The Walking Dead can be scary, but the zombies aren’t even the scariest characters in the show. Each episode is rich with social issues: what it means to be human, the basis of social order, freedom and action, value judgments and human differences, and personal and social change. It was hard to pick just three social topics—social identity, models of society, and Maslow’s hierarchy of needs—for this course.”

Dr. Christopherson currently teaches courses that cover history and principles in social science, social policy, public service, research methods, and computer skills for research, including geographic information systems. Her research interests include prevention of school violence, youth and elder suicide, Alzheimer’s disease, and child obesity. She has been teaching her courses online for four years and developed the first online course offered during the normal academic year at UC Irvine.

Dr. Christopherson graduated summa cum laude from UC Irvine with a B.A. in psychology and continued at UC Irvine for an M.A. in demographic and social analysis, and a Ph.D. in environmental health science with a concentration in epidemiology.

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Oct 14th 2013

From understanding social identities to modeling the spread of disease, this eight-week course will span key science and survival themes using AMC’s The Walking Dead as its basis.

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