Jenny Buchan




Jenny joined the School of Taxation and Business Law in 2002. Prior to becoming an academic she worked as a commercial lawyer in private practice in New Zealand, Melbourne and Sydney, and as a compliance consultant. She is currently the School undergraduate honours coordinator.

Jenny's expertise in franchising law led to her appointment as a panel member of the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission's Franchising Consultative Committee in 2010, and her re-appointment in 2012.

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Sep 5th 2016

Grow your understanding of the practice and law of international franchising and the viability of franchising internationally. We each have a daily connection with franchising. At the international level, franchising is a practical and exciting aspect of global commerce. Countries with vast markets and growing middle classes present opportunities for brands that have reached saturation in their original market. Developing countries too are now creating home-grown, exportable franchised brands.

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