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Jennifer Tieman is a researcher and academic with a particular interest in technology and health. She is the director of CareSearch, an Australian online palliative care knowledge network.

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Apr 3rd 2017

Are death and dying changing in the 21st century? Is how we think about death changing? Think about the language we use when we talk about dying; Learn about how and what people die from now; Find out how art, music, and media have shaped our ideas on death; Discover what happens in the digital world when we die. This MOOC about Death and Dying will provide an opportunity to enable a community-driven approach to death and dying. The purpose of this MOOC is to facilitate social discussion about death and dying in Australia.

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Have you ever been in a situation with a patient where you did not know what to say next? Do you feel that you have missed an opportunity to make a positive difference to a patient and their family? CareSearch can help you find the right answers. My Learning introduces you to resources in CareSearch and shows you how you can use them in your clinical practice.

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