Jeffrey Griffiths

Jeffrey K. Griffiths is Professor of Public Health and of Medicine at Tufts University. He holds joint appointments in Civil and Environmental Engineering at the School of Engineering and the Friedman School of Nutrition Science and Policy. He formerly led the programs in Public Health at Tufts and is now the Director of the USAID Feed the Future Nutrition Innovation Lab for Africa. By training he is an infectious diseases physician. He has worked internationally on waterborne diseases and other water-related health issues for more than thirty years, and served as Chair of the US Environmental Protection Agency’s Drinking Water Committee. His research interests include linkages between agriculture, nutrition, and health, and the biology of the waterborne parasite Cryptosporidium. His policy interests relate to water, and the alleviation of poverty and improvement of health in poor populations. He received his AB from Harvard College, his MPH&TM from Tulane University, and his MD from Albert Einstein College of Medicine. He then completed residencies and postdoctoral training at Yale-New Haven Hospital, Harvard, and Tufts. Dr. Griffiths and Dr. Gute have jointly taught this course for more than a dozen years.
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