Jane Barlow




Following graduation from the University of Warwick, Jane moved to Oxford where she undertook an MSc in Sociology at Oriel College, and a DPhil at Nuffield College. Following completion of her doctorate, she was awarded an MRC NHS training Fellowship followed by a Primary Care Career Scientist Award, both of which she held at the University of Oxford. Jane was awarded honorary membership of the Faculty of Public Health in 2001, and an honorary Fellowship in 2003. She was appointed as Reader in Public Health at the University of Warwick in May 2005, and Professor in 2008. She is Director of the newly established Warwick Infant and Family Wellbeing Unit.

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Jul 24th 2017

Find out how parents and caregivers influence children’s minds, from conception through infancy, with this free online course. This course will explore how the mind of the parent influences the developing mind of the child, from conception through infancy and into later life. We will take you on a journey that begins in pregnancy, exploring the importance of the ability of the mother-to-be to think about her baby while still in utero, alongside the impact of emotions such as anxiety and depression.

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