James Fitzmaurice

James Fitzmaurice works on a split appointment, teaching Shakespeare on the web for Northern Arizona University as Professor of English and acting as Director of Distance Education for the School of English at the University of Sheffield. In addition to having these duties, he supervises students who edit printed texts and manuscripts of early women writers, in particular women from the Cavendish Circle. These women include the well-known Margaret Cavendish, who lived at Welbeck Abbey and Bolsover Castle, her step-daughters Elizabeth and Jane Cavendish, and her cousin by marriage, Christiana, Countess of Devonshire, who lived at Chatsworth. His own writing includes scholarly and teaching editions. He has published book chapters and articles that consider the place of biographical information in the interpretation of early women´s and men´s writing, including that by Ben Jonson, Aphra Behn, William Cavendish, Jane Barker, William Shakespeare, and Dorothy Osborne. His books include Major Women Writers of Seventeenth Century England (University of Michigan Press, USA), Margaret Cavendish: Sociable Letters (Broadview Press, Canada), and Cavendish and Shakespeare, Interconnections (with Katherine Romack, Ashgate Press, UK).
More info: http://jan.ucc.nau.edu/jbf/

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Literature of the English Country House (FutureLearn)

Feb 8th 2021
Literature of the English Country House (FutureLearn)
Course Auditing
Take a journey through the literature of English country houses from the time of Thomas More to Oscar Wilde. Trace the history and context of country house literature. Through the course you will investigate and discuss the role and representation of the English country house in literature, and learn [...]