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Dr. Jaap Daalhuizen is assistant professor of Design Theory & Methodology at the Delft University of Technology and post-doctoral researcher at the TU of Denmark. He holds a Master of Science in Integrated Product Design from the TU Delft, where he recently defended his PhD thesis on Method Usage in Design. He is co-editor of the Delft Design Guide and believes that design methods and models are important means to help designers deal with the complexity and uncertainty that is inherent in creating innovative design solutions.

More info: http://dk.linkedin.com/pub/jaap-daalhuizen/3/68b/600

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Learn to design meaningful products and services in this challenging design course. Do you want to learn how to design? Using the Delft Design Approach, you will learn how to use a number of key design methods to create meaningful products and services. This course is an introduction to the Delft Design Approach offering a set of signature methods from Delft to teach you how to get from understanding the user in context to defining a meaningful design challenge and – in the end – deliver a great design!

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