Ian Shrier




Ian has been a practicing sport medicine physician for over 20 years with doctoral training in physiology and post-doctoral training in epidemiology. He is a past President of the Canadian Academy of Sport and Exercise Medicine, with over 180 peer-reviewed publications and twelve book chapters on topics related to physical activity, injuries, and research methods. He is currently the co-Editor-in-Chief of the journal Research Synthesis Methods, an editorial board member of four international sport medicine journals, and a member of the Cochrane Collaboration Statistical and Bias Methods Groups.

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Feb 10th 2016

Learn from leading global experts about the benefits of physical activity and how to prevent and treat injuries.

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Feb 25th 2015

This course examines the benefits of physical activity, how to prevent injuries, and what to do when injuries occur. The course will include content from leading international experts in multiple fields related to the science of exercise.

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