Hironao Kaneko

Hironao Kaneko is the Associate Professor, Tokyo Institute of Technology, School and Environment and Society,Social and Human Science and Institute for Liberal Arts. Ph. D. in Law, Civil and Business Law, Hitotsubashi University 1997. His research field is Civil Procedure Law, E-Commerce Law, Electronic Evidence Law. He has lectures of civil law, civil procedure law, intellectual property law for under graduates and comparative law, especially between Japanese Law and U.S Law, and the law and economics for the graduates. He is the coordinator of the Science Technology and Intellectual Property Course, which is open to the students both TiTech and Hitotsubashi University faculty of law, according to the four university alliance.

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Basic Japanese Civil Law (edX)

Self Paced
Basic Japanese Civil Law (edX)
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Learn Japanese Civil Law, covering various contemporary issues faced in everyday life. This course teaches Japanese law covering the legal system and basic concepts. Starting with the study of concepts common to many countries, such as sovereignty, constitution, separation of three rights, basic human rights and personal [...]
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