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Harvey Feldstein, Founder and Chief Learning Architect at Baton Simulations (www.batonsimulations.com) is an internationally recognized author, speaker, and consultant in the areas of training, learning and performance. He was a principal designer of the commercial version of ERPsim, distributed by SAP and Baton Simulations. Harvey has been facilitating ERPsim games since 2008, and never tires of getting people excited about SAP through exploration, discovery and deep engagement.

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May 5th 2015

This course is hosted by openSAP, but the content is created and provided to you by HEC Montreal, a university business school, and Baton Simulations. SAP accepts no responsibility for the content delivered in this course. This course will explore ERPsim in detail, and provide the initial steps to becoming a Certified ERPsim Facilitator.

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