Harald Winkler




Harald’s research interests are focused around climate policy, at international and national level. He led the research work underpinning South Africa’s Long-Term Mitigation Scenarios (LTMS). His current work includes work with other developing countries to share the LTMS exprience in a programme called MAPS – Mitigation Action Plans and Scenarios (see www.mapsprogramme.org). He developed the proposal of sustainable development policies and measures (SD-PAMs). Research areas have included equity and future commitments to climate action; economics of climate change mitigation; energy scenarios for South Africa and Cape Town; the links between sustainable development and climate change; renewable energy and mitigation. Harald has taught and supervised at post-graduate level since 2000; and he is now a Professor in the University of Cape Town. He is rated as an “internationally acclaimed researcher” (B2) by SA’s National Research Foundation.

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Aug 7th 2017

This course explores the challenges faced by developing country governments wanting to grow their economies in a climate friendly way, and addresses the complexity inherent in lifting societies out of poverty while also mitigating greenhouse gas emissions. Presented by Prof Harald Winkler, director of UCT’s Energy Research Centre and colleagues from the Mitigation Action Plans & Scenarios (MAPS) Programme, the course covers facilitation process techniques, energy modelling, scenario building, innovation and policy. Whether you are a climate change practitioner, work in development or are simply curious about how climate mitigation is understood, this course will give you an insight into the complex process of how countries from the South pursue development goals while addressing climate mitigation.

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