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I am Hao DONG (董 浩), a PhD Candidate in Division of Social Science, The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology (HKUST). My research interests include Family and Kinship, Population and Health, Effect of Early Life on Later Life, Inequality and Stratification, and Comparative Historical Sociology and Demography in East Asia. I am a member of the Lee-Campbell research group, and working with several East Asian and European scholars on social demography and stratification of populations in the 18th - 20th century.

My research articles appear in Demography (2015) and Social Science & Medicine (2014), as well as top Chinese journals《历史研究》(2015) and《社会》(2015). I have presented my work at annual meetings of American Sociological Association, Population Association of America, Social Science History Association, and International Sociological Association Research Committee 28, as well as the International Congress of Historical Science, World Economic History Congress, IUSSP International Population Conference, and European Population Conference. Besides, I have been invited to give seminars and workshop presentations by academic institutions in North America (x1), Europe (x5) and Asia (x7).

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The purpose of this course is to summarize new directions in Chinese history and social science produced by the creation and analysis of big historical datasets based on newly opened Chinese archival holdings, and to organize this knowledge in a framework that encourages learning about China in comparative perspective.

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