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Professor Hadar Ziv is a Researcher and Teacher of Informatics at the School of ICS at UC Irvine, with more than 30 years experience in teaching, mentoring and "doing" software development in practice. He holds a PhD from UCI and has published in academic conferences. His dissertation on the Uncertainty Principle in Software Engineering was influential in the formative years of Agile and SCRUM methodologies, and was later dubbed “Ziv’s Law”.

Professor Ziv has worked as consultant for several organizations wishing to advance their Agile development practices, requirements engineering, object-oriented architecture and design, and corresponding test strategies. At UCI, he hosts the popular annual Agile Open un-conference, as well as teaches many classes, across the spectrum of software engineering, including the Capstone project course for Informatics seniors, where students employ many of the same tools and methods to develop web-based and mobile applications for real customers; he was previously awarded UC Irvine’s Excellence in Teaching award.

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FX’s The Strain depicts a city in the chaos of a rapidly spreading disease epidemic, coupled with a devastating cyber-virus attack. This course will explore the real-world science behind virus and parasite biology, cyber security and epidemiological modeling.

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