Giovanni F. Casucci

Giovanni F. Casucci graduated magna cum laude in Industrial Property at the University of Perugia in 1990, Faculty of Law. Litigator specialized in Industrial Property (Patents, Trade Secrets Designs, Trademarks, Unfair Competition and Tech Transfer). Since 2001, Faculty’s member at MIP-Politecnico of Milano for the IP issues. Since 2008, Lecturer at the ICE (Italian Trade Commission) on all institutional educational programs for the IP issues. Since 2008, Co-Director of the Master ICE-IdeaCina about IP rights and China.
Author of the “Trade Fairs Anti-Counterfeiting Regulation” implemented at the trade fairs of Milano and Verona and full coordinator of it from 2002 to 2011. 2011 - 2014, Coordinator of the Commissions “Design” and “Trade Fairs” at CNAC Consiglio Nazionale Anti Contraffazione (the Italian Authority for Anti Counterfeiting). Since 2012, Director of Centro Studi Anticontraffazione, Milano.
2007 - 2011, external IP expert at the program IPR2– Beijing. Since 2013, external IP expert at the program IPR SME HELPDESK – Beijing. Since 2014, external IP expert at the program IPkey– Beijing.
The Technology Transfer Office of Politecnico di Milano (TTO) is one of the first technology transfer offices established in Italy, between the founding members of the Netval (TTO Network of the Italian universities). During these years it achieved proved results both in terms of intellectual property management, with a portfolio over 700 patents, half of which are in use at an industrial and commercial level, and in terms of spin-off company establishment. The office is always available to oversee the researcher in each phase of the technology transfer process.

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