Geoffroy Mauvais

Geoffroy graduated veterinarian in 1990 and started working in Africa in 1992, in Burkina Faso, on animal health and development. He is specialized on conservation issues and has worked in different places, in Western and Eastern Africa mainly. Since 2011, he heads the IUCN Program on African Protected Areas & Conservation (PAPACO) and is based in Pretoria (South Africa). He was previously (2006 – 2010) the coordinator of the IUCN regional program on protected areas for West and Central Africa, based in Ouagadougou (Burkina Faso). Through these programs, he aims at supporting managers and management bodies to improve the governance and the management of protected areas across Africa. This is done through trainings, tools and guidelines development, small to medium-size projects implementation, fundraising for and funding of PAs, networking, sensitization, information etc. Support to Conservation Trust Funds for African Protected Areas is also part of the objectives of the program. The development of these activities has benefitted from the instrumental support of AfD and FFEM, along with other donors, from the very beginning.
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