Frank Lohrberg

Prof. Lohrberg studied landscape architecture at Hanover University and won the Peter Joseph Lenné Award in 1990. From 1994 he worked at the University of Stuttgart where he received his doctorate in 2001. In 2002 he founded the lohrberg stadtlandschaftsarchitektur practice, which focuses on the landscape architecture of regional open space. In 2009 he was appointed as professor of landscape architecture at the RWTH Aachen. He currently chairs several national and international research projects focussing on the related topics of green infrastructure and urban agriculture.

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Cultural Heritage in Transformation (edX)

Sep 27th 2021
Cultural Heritage in Transformation (edX)
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Learn how to define, explore, conserve, utilize and manage cultural heritage. In recent decades the sustainable conservation of cultural heritage has become a crucial global challenge. In this context, the trend towards largescale urbanization raises questions as to how new development can take place which respects and maintains the [...]
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