Finn Valentin

Finn Valentin is professor at Copenhagen Business School where he directs its Research Centre on Biotech Business. He is the Director of the MSc program on Innovation in Health care and of the MSc program on BioBusiness and Innovation. Finn Valentin’s research is about science-based firms innovations and firms, particularly those in biotech and health care. His publications in international journals study the role of IPR, venture capital, academic entrepreneurship, national and regional innovation systems etc. Current projects examine how the organization of academic research affects its contribution to technological innovation. His research has been funded by The Social Science Research Council, The Danish Research Council, The Øresund Research Committee, Ministries of Research and Industry and from the EU. Finn Valentin has been a Research Fellow with Harvard University (Fulbright Scholar) and the European University Institute, Florence. He has been Head of Department during his affiliations with both Copenhagen University and Copenhagen Business School. He served four years on the Social Science Research Council, including three years as its Vice Chairman. Recently he served two years as the Vice Chairman on the Academic Council at CBS. He has served on a number of advisory committees and boards including the Danish Building Research Institute, Risø National Laboratory, in the Ministry of Science, in the EU and UN.

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