Evgeny Sokolov

Evgeny Sokolov graduated from Moscow State University in 2013 with a computer science degree. Evgeny is a lead data scientist at Yandex.Zen – personal recommendations service created by Yandex, russian search giant. Evgeny is also a senior lecturer and deputy head of Big Data and Information Retrieval department at Higher School of Economics – one of Russia's top universities, where he reads courses on machine learning and helps to introduce data science courses into all B.Sc. programs.

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Introduction to Deep Learning (Coursera)

The goal of this course is to give learners basic understanding of modern neural networks and their applications in computer vision and natural language understanding. The course starts with a recap of linear models and discussion of stochastic optimization methods that are crucial for training deep neural networks. Learners [...]
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Digital Literacy (Coursera)

The online course in Digital Literacy offered by HSE University was designed to help the students acquire various competencies that will enable them to safely and effectively use digital technologies and Internet resources in an academic and professional context. The Digital Literacy course is a step-by-step guide covering various [...]
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