Estefania Tapias

Estefania Tapias is a PhD candidate and a teaching assistant at the Chair of Information Architecture, ETH Zurich. After studying Architecture, she conducted a master on sustainable architecture at Politecnico di Torino. Her doctoral research is focus on a parameterized design-feedback tool that aims to correlate outdoor thermal comfort indices, microclimate data and building geometries on a micro-scale level in order to explore ‘design spaces’ of urban forms in tropical climates. She is also part of the PhD label program of Climate-KIC. Together with Dr. Reinhard König, she teaches the course ‘New Methods in Urban Analysis and Simulation’ where ETH students learn how to analyze and generate spatial urban configurations with advanced computational methods.

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Future Cities (edX)

Apr 1st 2016
Future Cities (edX)
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Understand a city’s people, components, functions, scales and dynamics, as precondition for its sustainable design and management. Understanding a city as a whole, its people, components, functions, scales and dynamics, is crucial for the appropriate design and management of the urban system. While the development of cities in different [...]
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