Erik Buelinckx

Erik Buelinckx is a scientific researcher at the Royal Institute for Cultural Heritage (KIK-IRPA, Brussels, Belgium). He holds Master degrees in “Information and Library Science”, “Documentation and Library Science” and “Art History and Archaeology”. He has an experience spanning over twenty years on the different levels which constitute the creation, maintenance and conservation of digital (meta)data about cultural heritage. He works in the Department of Documentation where he is responsible for documentary image databases and digitization projects. He has experience in European projects (DCH-RP, Partage Plus, AthenaPlus, Preforma, IperionCH, Fifties in Europe Kaleidoscope, etc). He is a member of Photoconsortium, DARIAH.BE and the Time Machine consortium, and works on several interregional and international collaborations on multilingual thesauri in the field of cultural heritage. His main art historical research subject is “Anarchist influences in Belgian art”.

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