Duygu Atlas




Duygu Atlas is the program coordinator of the Süleyman Demirel Program for Contemporary Turkish Studies. She is also on the editorial board of the Middle East News Brief and a staff member of the Center's new Audio-Visual Library. She has completed her thesis exploring the "democratic (Kurdish) opening" process in Turkey and a book chapter on the status and political significance of the Kurdish language in Turkey.

More info: http://ottomanturkishchair-tau.com/index.php/duygu-atlas

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Sep 18th 2017

Learn about the history of the Middle East for a deeper understanding of current regional developments! This course will discuss the developments in the Middle East from the early 20th century to the present.

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Sep 4th 2017

This course will discuss the emergence of the modern Middle East from the fall of the Ottoman Empire, at the end of the First World War to the present. It will discuss the Ottoman legacy in the region and the Western imperial impact on the creation of the Arab state system.

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